Thursday, March 9, 2017

Agree to disagree, how we can get the fuck along

Hello World, it’s me Munch!

I want to conduct an experiment. Ready? Good. Close your eyes. I’m going to ask you a question. Have you ever disagreed with anyone? What came first, the chicken or the egg? Who wore it better, Kim or Kanye? Yes, of course you’ve disagreed with someone. It’s natural, because we are all unique with individual opinions, likes, and dislikes.

We agree to the same ideas, but have unique reasons for doing so. For example, Bob and Tom both support the 2nd Amendment. Bob does so because he hunts. He hunts to provide food for his family and save money. Tom supports the 2nd Amendment because he believes in his right to protect his home and family. Agreeing to the same idea or cause, but for different reasons.

I used a strong example there, because it leads me to what I’m seeing with people, politics, and disagreements. Let me tell you… social fricking media. If you don’t have the FB or Twitter… don’t go getting it now. Social media has become an even worse “swamp” than the one in D.C., because people have turned into stark raving lunatics on both sides. Quite honestly… what the actual fuck people? We’re in need of a new feature on social media called the GMI: Grandma Monitoring Interface.
Grandma's.. aren't they the cutest?  

What Grandma’s interface will do, is ensure that comments are appropriate and passes the Grandma test. Is this something you would say to a fellow human being in front of your Grandma? No? Algorithms will then prevent your comment from posting and suggest instead a sane “Would you like to instead” response. Some examples include:

When someone types a response via comment that states: “U ignerant fucktard lebral snowflake” (misspelled intentionally… because well you’ve been on Facebook), the algorithm will pick up on that and suggest instead: “You seem to be having difficulty with my conservative opinion. While I respect your individual right to an opinion of big government, please respect my opinion for smaller government and my right to live free”


When someone types a response via comment that states: “You are a grossly, misinformed, misogynist, pig; who uses the Bible to propagate hate”, the algorithm will pick up on that and suggest: “I see you love Jesus. Let me assure you, that I too love Jesus and believe in his teachings whereby he commanded me to love my fellow man with no asterisks. May the Peace of the Lord be with you always.”  

See? The same thing was said, but in non-hateful way. A civil debate/discussion can still take place between the two people, to find the best solution to a problem. My friends, that is what it supposed to happen in Congress and is currently not. Congress has implemented an extreme “Yes or No, we’ve got the majority” method of legislating. At this point, it’s not hard for me to see why. “We the People”, can’t stop bullying and threating one another over a keyboard long enough; to see how our Government, which is supposed to be ours, is fucking us over.  

And this is my biggest problem with America right now. How we treat each other and the things we are saying is more shameful IMO than how politicians are acting. We hide behind our internet profiles and spew hatred to one another, calling each other names and fighting about who’s right and who’s wrong in all of this. Newsflash… we all share some blame. Things will only get better when we truly stop, take a deep breath and say: “You know what? No more. I will not hate my neighbor today because he is different. I will instead embrace her because she is different and learn how we can be stronger together” 
It's not that time. Be Nice 

Since I’m on a roll today, let me share some additional thoughts:

It is our 1st Amendment right to peacefully assemble and protest. That right does not guarantee you the right to act like an asshole and impede upon the rights of others to move through traffic safely. (whether it be in a car or on a sidewalk)
If you get gassed by the police, because you are doing so… too fucking bad, you deserve it.

White Privilege
If you don’t understand it, newsflash… you have it

Yes, they existed. No, they were not immigrants or volunteers… no matter what Ben Carson or the textbooks written in Texas tell you.

The Gay Agenda
Newsflash… Agendas are for meetings. Gay folk, or as I like to call them: People… aren’t having secret meetings to develop gay conversion serums, in order to make America Fabulous. There is no agenda, just stop. Some people are just gay, please just get over it. (But if someone does tell you they are gay… realize what a moment that is. Say something positive like “That’s awesome bro, but it's still your turn to take out the trash”

Transgender people in the bathrooms
Seriously I don’t know why this is even an issue. Ahem… everybody pees. Biological fact. If you’re checking out genitalia of others in the bathroom, you’re the sick one. (You’re probably also gay, which is okay... but I’m still gonna need you to take out that trash) Still though, there is not a documented case of an actual trans person attacking someone in the bathroom.

yep... everyone. some are even full of it!

Criminals, yes… trans people, no. Do you really think that a criminal is going to perpetrate a crime, whereby he knows that if he caught that he is going to the pokey dressed as a woman? Also, let’s be realistic here. If you’re going to sexually assault someone, a pair of pantyhose probably aren’t the best thing to wear… just saying. If you don’t believe me, try a pair. Seriously, I’ll wait. Wait a good hour or two after you’ve been sweating in them and try to get them off in a hurry. Now try to do that while trying to sexually assault someone who is fighting you.

Agree? Disagree? Comment. Keep it civil. I love being wrong when someone teaches me something new, almost as much as I love being right.