Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Gun Control Debate

Munch here... going on record about Gun "control"

Stop comparing this argument to Hitler's takeaway of guns or that Obama specifically, is trying to takeaway guns. That's not going to happen. The President does not have that power. Do people even read the constitution anymore or know what it takes to repeal an ammendment?

Stop blaming "assault" rifles as the problem. Is there a "polite" rifle, dumbass?
      a) a bullet from a .22 will kill you just as dead, as a bullet from a .308.
      b) a .22 rifle is just as semi-automatic, as an A/R-15... that means as quickly as someone pulls the trigger, a bullet is sent downrange. An A/R-15 may look more badass, but it is no more deadly than a .22 in the hands of a marksman.
      c) If a weapon is used in a tragic event and the perp is spraying down victims with a fully automatic weapon... that weapon was illegally obtained or was stolen from a citizen who was licensed to own said fully automatic weapon. The licensing process for obtaining a fully automatic weapon is heavily regulated. "You have to get what's called a "Form 4" from a class III gun dealer, fill it out, send a check for $200 to the Treasury Dept. and successfully pass a background investigation. Over and above that, on your form 4, is a space that has to be signed by the "chief law enforcement official" in your county. Without that signature, the form is not accepted. The Treasury Dept. will cash your check for $200 and keep the money whether you are approved or not. When the form is accepted and approved, and you pass your background investigation, the BATF will send it back to you, advising you that you can go purchase your weapon. You are then subject to inspection by the BATF at any point after that. You may not sell or give the weapon away without the prospective buyer going through the same process as you went through" <<< borrowed/plagerized.

So if someone goes to the trouble of obtaing an illegal weapon Do you think they give two fucks about what the "law" says they may own? <<< Not borrrowed

Look... I know that the framers of the constitution did not envision the weapons of today. The intent of the 2nd Ammendment was to establish a well armed militia, WHO HAD FUCKING MUSKETS,  and to not infringe upon the rights of the peoples / citizens to be armed and defend themselves and their property. For some people who own farms and ranches, this is still a very real and needed right.

This idea that people have, that Congress needs to pass legislation for "CONTROL" of guns. Why? Do the responsible citizens, who live their life following laws, need MORE regulation? My problem with gun "control" is that the control ONLY effects those who are already responsible and following the existing laws.

So... What we do need? How about we start by utilizing some common sense? More people concerned about each other? People that look out for their neighbors and their neighbors' kids? We need to get our heads up, put our cell phones down and look the FUCK around... FUCKING be observant. Be vigilent. If something feels or looks shady... IT PROBABLY IS. Call the police. Call the school. Tell them you see, what you perceive to be a threat and then let them make the call if it's a threat. They are trained to do so. Don't hope for the best or dismiss your gut feelings. Better to be safe and embarrassed than sorry.

You're an adult, trying to gain access to a school? Why? Do you have a child there? No, good... go fuck yourself. You're picking someone up or waiting? Great, please wait in the parking lot, where you will be monitored on video and if we think you're shady, the police will be called to investigate.

Parents... please educate your children on guns and gun safety!!! What guns are, what they are capable of, to respect them as being deadly if not handled correctly. That the killing they see on video games is not real life. It isn't glamorous. Bullets make big messes. The consequences are forever, never to be taken back.

Kids. My opinion is this. Criminals very RARELY shoot children. It's not their MO. Regardless of that, criminals dont give two fucks about gun control. They're still gonna have guns.

So who is doing this killing? What I am seeing is this... teens or kids barely into their 20s, committing these horrific acts. Why is that happening? I still think we're dealing with a lot of mental health issues. Kids that were abused or bullied. Think a kid is being abused? FUCKING call someone. See a kid being bullied? Throttle the little, punk ass bully, call his parents and hope his Dad whoops his ass again! Next, sit down with the victim. Make sure he is okay. Talk to him, smile, re-assure him that adolesence / puberty is the absolute shitiest time of his life, but in the end... it will work out with a little bit courage and the willingness to talk to someone when needed.

Still worried about the kid? Talk to his parents! Scared of their reaction? Talk to the school! They will keep you annoymous. Some of these tragedies could be prevented. All we have to do is take care of  and look out for one another. Love one another. Do unto others. These steps aren't hard to take for cryin out loud and we could save lives in the process.

Stop making this a political issue, because it isn't.



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