Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Musings of Munch: Fashion Faux Paus Fridays; 2014 Golden Globes Edition!!!

So... Twin is a total pain in my ass... she has hounded me nonstop since Monday, about doing this post. (which isn't even going to be that good) But still... as those of us lucky enough to be blacklisted blessed with little sisters know... They don't stop until they get what they want. They're relentless, because they were the babies growing up and they always get their way.

Apparently where she lives, which is LITERALLY next to the Governor of the State of Ohio, the cable or satellite providers did not offer DVR Service. Why the need to DVR? Because Twin needs her rest and isn't up late enough to watch things like award shows. (Even though she only cares about the dresses and who wore what) And even though the red carpet show is broadcast from 7:00 - 8:00 and she should totally be able to watch that... the hour before she goes to sleep 8:00pm every night is reserved for "sleep prep". 
So in any event... she leaves it to me to write these posts, to critique Hollywood couture, as if I'm some type of expert. (Which I totally am, so shut your face) This way she can discuss and amaze her peers with her knowledge and opinions of Hollywood Red Carpet Couture.

So without further ado... here we go,

The Musings of Munch: Fashion Faux Paus Fridays; 2014 Golden Globes Edition!!!

This is Ms. Amanda Williams. PETA enema #1 right now.
She didn't get the memo about not wearing your pet zebra

I love that Amy Adams was daring... BUT... American Hustle filming is over.
The plunging necklines like these... not one of my favorite retro trends.

If you look up the definition of ethereal beauty...
you see a pic of Ariel Winter

Purple and Pink, the colors? Yes!!!
Purple and Pink together on this dress?
ehhh,... not so much
(although I do love me some taffeta, dammit!)

ohhhhh... Drew, not you too! Pregnancy brain strikes again!
Pregnancy is never an excuse to wear dingle berries

Sailor Moon called.. she wants her bow back!

Elisabeth... I like you and I want to like your dress...
haaaa... kidding... I don't.... it's fugly.
Please hire a stylist...

Emma Roberts
Gorgeous, classic

Emma Watson
I'm still out on this.
I don't HATE it, she is young and she can take chances.
I just don't know.
Look, on the carpet...
It's pant's!
Its a dress!
Da' faq?

Did you see Hayden's Red Carpet interview?
If I was short on time and couldn't do my hair and was wearing this ugly ass dress,
Maybe I would have would have got drunk before the ceremony as well.

Is Jennifer Lawrence dating an electrician?
It's the only way I can explain the black electric tape
that is wrapped around her waist and crotch.
OR IS IT......

Katniss is the Little Mermaid? Mind blown.... 
Jessica Chastain
 I love that you can see her neck. It's super feminine. Very sexy.
The diamonds accenting it... Absolutely
The hair... the evening's trend of the hair pulled or slicked back...
Not a fan...

LOVE the JC Penny Worthington Collection meets Chanel, Julia!!!!
Tre' sheek!

Ahhh... Kerry Washington, another mother to be,
appearing very elegant and beautiful.
Stunning really.  

I think a bit more curves on the top would have helped with proportion
Yellow done wrong....sorry Lena Dunham.
 Melissa Rauch...
Yellow done right.

 Not sure what happened here.... Tom Ford? Reem Acra? Both these dresses look awfully similar... only one way to resolve this designer dilemma... Fashiondom.... two designers enter and someone leaves looking faaabulouuuuuss!!!!!

This is the "lady bit" dress... Some on Twitter took to remarking its similarity to labia... I think that's a bit mean.... however if in fact your lady bits have this type of curvature and only on one side... I'd recommend a plastics consult.

As much as it PAINS me to say it... Taylor looked amazing. One of the best dressed of the evening. Maybe a bit much for the GGs, but she knocked it out of the park. Her make-up, her hair...
We're still not getting back together, Taylor...
Stop calling me!
Drum roll please.....
The hands down the winner and best dressed Lady of the evening
(in this Blogger's opinion)

Ms. Lupia Nyong

The color of the dress against her rich, dark skin is beautiful.
The way the dress clings to her body, without being trashy looking.
Truly radiant and beautiful.  

Thoughts? Feedback? Agree/Disagree? Write about, talk about it... and Twin, you can shut up about it, now  :-) 


  1. Loved Emma Watson's Pants/Dress combo. However, I think she should have been BOLD and wore some cute / sexy unders. No pants. Maybe a homemade glitter or sequin bloomers. That would have rocked it!

    I agree with you on Lupia Nyong~ Stunning!

  2. Melissa Rauch is looking radiant in that beautiful yellow full length gown and I must say that she has a beautiful curvy body. I have also seen some melissa rauch nude photographs and she was looking beautiful in them too.


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