Monday, October 24, 2011

One Bad A$$ Barbie

Her little dog, Cac-ti scares me a bit....
Good Morning Dear Readers...

I keep coming across these rants or snippets of moral outrage over the new Barbie. Anger over Barbie being inked... Disbelief that Mattel would allow such a thing to happen to the beloved, fashionista Icon... Outrage by parents that this Barbie is not a proper role model for their daughters....

Really now??? C'mon...... wait for it..... wait for it.... ARE PEOPLE OUT THEIR EFFING MINDS?

This Barbie is not being actively marketed to young girls, although maybe it should. More on that later. This Barbie is part of the Adult collectible series with a price tag of $50.00. If you're a parent shelling out $50.00 for a Barbie... you need to have your fucking head examined.

Did I mention she is an eight inch plastic doll? It's not Mattel, nor Barbie's, job to be a role model for your daughters. That would be your/our job as parents. Moms and Dads.... if you don't want your little girls to grow up to be skanks and strippers.... well then be a role model. Teach your daughters to love who they are, about having self respect, and dressing age appropriately for starters. Don't rely on TV / cartoon characters or toys (Barbie's) to act as your child's role model.

Let's actually look at the doll for a minute here... She like all Barbies is pretty cute. She is also much more tastefully done that those whore Bratz Dolls, which ARE marketed to young girls. I'm looking at the doll and seeing something in it, that reminds me of someone else. Ahhh, that's it. The pink hair and tats. The doll reminds me of Pink, who is one bad ass rocker, hot wife and Mom.

Pink. A woman that does not let society tell her how should she "appear" or "be". A woman determined to be who she is. A woman who is unique, confident, self-respecting, strong and fun to name a few. In fact, the kind of qualities that I hope that my daughter has one day. It's not about her tattoos or pink hair people.

It's about OUR jobs as PARENTS to be proper role models for our kids. Eating right (Everything in moderation folks. You can still go to McDonald's once in a while) Teaching through example (Not cutting people off or driving like a maniac) Being respectful of others (Talking to people. Not yelling or talking down to them)

As best you can anyway. None of us is perfect... we slip up. We yell at our kids unnecessarily when we are stressed out, we let profanity slip or we let our kids play video games for too long sometimes. The trick isn't to cover that shit up or being a hypocrite and telling your kids not to, while you do it. The trick is just to be as honest as possible, when possible, and on an age appropriate basis. To let our kids know.... that even though we do our best to be good role models for you, sometimes Mom and Dad have bad days too.

Parenting is hard and they should know that. However being a teenager is hard too and we should remember that.



  1. Awesome article.People just need something to blame.I actually saw someone on FB blaming Glee for what's wrong with society.REALLY?If you send your kids out there with a good belief system and basic morals a Barbie doll shouldn't warp them.We have tattoos in my house and wear leopard print and we're good,hardworking people.I agree with you about Pink.I would love for my daughter to emulate her instead of oh lets say Linsay Lohan for instance(Connie)

  2. Thanks Connie. I do believe that most parents "get it". Unfortunately it's the media, IMHO, that allows the "newsworthy" reactions of narrow minded individuals to perpetuate these meaningless topics of conversation; when there are much more important issues to be discussed and debated.

  3. Awesome blog, great perspective, I CONCUR!!!

  4. Hey Blondie! (I'll use your double secret identity name, rather than comprimise your real identity) Thanks for thumbs up! I just saw your blog and joined! I feel dumb because I never noticed you had one before! Doohhhhh!

  5. Awesome post! I saw a link to this one over on Daddy Knows Less and came over to check it out.

    You are exactly right - it's being marketed as a collector's piece, not a toy. People need to get a grip and stop finding thing to be pissed off about.


  6. Thank you and Welcome Non-Stop Mom! I couldn't agree more with your sentiments!

  7. There's a tattoo Barbie? Okay, that sounds awesome. Not that I would ever spend $50 on a plastic doll, but I do just love the idea. I would totally get one for my kids, you know, if they existed.

  8. Hi Megan,

    Thanks for stopping by and posting your thoughts. I checked out your site and saw you look young. I wouldn't worry about them not existing quite yet! I'm sure you'll get there and they'll get here.... AND I'm sure you'll be able to buy them some Bad Ass inked Barbies!


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