Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rescue Heros - My best friend Alex

If you've been around the parenting block for any length of time... you may remember some action figures, TV show and a movie titled Rescue Heroes: The Movie... if you don't, it was popular in the early 2000s. Before some of you really cool parents and fellow bloggers had your spawn, things, peanuts and boos.

I must have watched this movie on VHS a hundredthousand, one million times with my son, Alex. We watched alot of stuff together back then... Scobby Doo, Disney's Hercules, Richard Scary, Blues Clues, Pokeman, Rolly Polly Olly... Don't judge. Mrs Munch was working at Macy's back then, during many evenings mostly, and it was just Mr Munch to handle dinner, baths, reading and bedtimes. Entertainment was obviously part of the package too. Movies and imprumtu home movies were the norm back then.... I digress though. It was Rescue Heroes that was by far the favorite in his small, little three year old world. He had tons of the action figures and several impossible looking rescue vehicles to go with them.

Throughout the movie...there is a massive, super, electrical storm which is collecting and converging over Greenland. The world must come down together and devise a solution to safely harness and collect the storm's energy before it can unleash further storms, fires and whatnot.... The solution is well.... no spoilers here... go watch the movie. In any event, this is the song that plays during the climatic finale.

This song often plays in my head. The song brings back alot of memories of Alex and I. The days when we would ask each other everyday "Who's my best friend?" and respond in kind "Me Alex" or "Me Daddy". I miss those days. Those were days of innocence... him as a 3 or 4 year old boy and me as a young father still trying to find that damn manual that my own Dad said he had for raising me.

But... A 10 yr old son in today's world is over those times and his Dad's influences. We Dads are no longer the best friends or coolest guys ever. We're the guys whose advise and experiences are outdated and secondary to those of his obviously smarter 5th grade friends. Sure, I know he'll be back when he gets past this nuisance called adolesence.  A far away day when he is older and becomes a father himself.  I really wish my Dad was still here to bounce this stuff off of and ask how he got through it. He was my best friend too. I miss him. I miss talking about fatherhood with him.

In the meantime I guess I will have have to get by on memories and pictures. I miss you Alex. You're still my best friend.

Circa 2004
7 years later



  1. This really hits home on many levels. Me and my dad and missing him, knowing the Peanut will soon find out I'm not the superhero who "comes to the rescue" for everything. It's tough. I was a mommas boy and Peanut is a momma's girl. But there is still that connection. Nice, heartwarming post.
    (And thanks for the Peanut shout-out!)

  2. Thanks Buddy. Oddly enough I was having trouble finding any inspiration today after reading about #commentday and the MamaKat's workshop.

    I was feeling pretty unworthy of being able to even refer to myself as a blogger, when all of a sudden... there was this and it became that and that went on to become another. Needless to say my work at home job has suffered greatly today between this blog and tring to keep up or play along with #commentday...

  3. Aww Much. I miss my Dad, really have recently. Give your son some time and I think you will see that he is still your best friend and will come to you at some point and all of the work you put in when he was young will pay back tenfold. :-)

  4. Hey 99, it was a interesting blog to write. Lots of memories good and bittersweet. That always happens this time of year.

    I know he'll be back around. Sons eventually find their way back to their Dads for advise, if not for cash.


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