Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Christmas Musings

My post today was inspired by Justin over at Daddy Knows Less and his post So This is Christmas. I've been following Justin for awhile now and I am proud to call him a friend. At least an acquaintance... He lives on the East Coast, we've never met and his Blog is way cooler than mine. I don't know if our witty comments back & forth on our respective Blogs and FB qualifies us as friends, but I like to think it does. Merry Christmas DKL. I wish you, your Director, Peanut and Luna the very best that the season has to offer.  

And with that....

Christmas... I love it; I hate it; I want more of it; I want less of it... all at the same time.

I love the spirt of the season. I see JOY. I see HOPE. I see LOVE for our fellow man / woman. I see families loving each other & coming together, I see random acts of kindness, people smiling at strangers and treating others as they would be treated. I love seeing these looks on my kids faces...

Buzz is so fricking cool!!!
Nope... NOT UGGS!!!
I love my family. I love spending Christmas Dinner with them.... and I loved it when Special K tried to camp out, to catch a peek at Old Saint Nick. (she didn't make it... do they ever?)

Twin going in for some green bean casserole!
Special K waiting for Santa

I hate that these feelings and acts don't last all year. I hate that in the days leading up to and on the one special day we celebrate the birth of Christ, we are at our best. The next day and the days after... not as much.

Most of all, I hate that my parents are gone. Gone to place where I can't call them and say Merry Christmas. Gone to a place from where they cannot visit their grandkids & children on Christmas. Christmas 2004 was the last Christmas we would spend with my Dad. It was also the first and only Christmas that he got to celebrate with his only granddaughter.

Dad and KK in the only photo I've been able to find of them together

It was a Christmas surprise I'll never forget, as I didn't know my Mom and Dad were coming into town. It was the best present I've ever gotten. One I'll never forget. Especially as I ran into my Dad as I bounding down the steps in a rush. Why was I in a rush? Good question... Pants in The Family tricked me... she implied that the surprise guests were people I hadn't seen in years. I scrubbed this bitch till it shined cleaned this house from top to botttom in order to make a good impression. I think Pants in The Family just did it to get a free house cleaning out of me. I'm onto you woman!

Christmas 2009 was the last we would spend with Mom. It was the last time she baked cookies with Special K and Pants in the Family. Christmas Cookie baking days have been hard since. I didn't stick around for it in 2010. I couldn't. I kept seeing Mom sitting in her chair decorating cookies and gabbing with KK.


This year I stuck around. I even decorated a cookie for my Mom. I still saw her sitting there at the table. She was smiling. That's how I get through the Holidays. I know my Mom and Dad are still there. Smiling and Laughing. Wishing us the best and looking over us.

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad.
 We love you and we miss you.



  1. Merry Christmas, friend. Well said. God bless.

  2. Thanks Justin. You were the Inspiration today. I mean that in a totally Chicago, but non-gay way. You ever make to C-Bus the first beer is on me.

  3. I agree with you on why can't we be like this all year round. Great blog. New follower.

  4. I think I sorta know how you feel.

  5. Welcome to new followers Nubian and dbs! I'm happy you've found the Musings.

    @Nubian... IKR? The sad thing is I don't think it would take much effort.

    @dbs... sometimes I'll make you think and feel. Other times I may just may make you laugh. Hopefully more of the latter.


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